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 Email Security

 We will help you make use of your existing Barracuda products and integrate it into your system, or servers. Whether you are using AWS, Microsoft Azure, virtual or a physical server as your email server, we can help add, configure and monitor your Barracuda protection.

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Industry's most comprehensive email security platform

Email data is a valuable company resource. It only takes one message to inflict great harm on any business, large or small. Businesses need to stay vigilant and poised to take action when it comes to email security.
Barracuda takes care of your email security through a cloud-powered AI solution that monitors real-time spear-phishing and cyber fraud defense. Inbound malware, spam and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks do not stand a chance against the Barracuda email security gateway.

Stop threats before they hit the network

Offload CPU-intensive tasks like antivirus and DDoS filtering to the cloud reduces the processing load on the appliance and to ensure that threats never reach the network perimeter. The Barracuda email security gateway is integrated with a cloud-based service that pre-filters email before delivery to the onsite Barracuda email security gateway, which performs further inbound security checks and outbound filtering.

Protect Sensitive data

Leverage powerful encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data cannot be viewed by outside parties. Outbound filtering and quarantine capabilities certify that every outbound email complies with corporate DLP policies.

Ensure continuous email availability

With the cloud protection layer, bundled free of charge with the Barracuda email security gateway, email is spooled for up to 96 hours, with an option to re-direct traffic to a secondary server.

Stay Connected and Productive during Downtime

In the event of a mail server outage or loss of connectivity, Barracuda email continuity ensures that email operations continue by failing over to our cloud-based email service. An emergency mailbox lets users continue to send and receive emails, staying productive until your primary servers are back online.

Protect your business from email-borne cyber threats

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