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CLOUD Computing

We help organizations in Columbia, SC incorporate cloud computing solutions securely and efficiently with cost-effective strategies that are proven to work.

Take Advantage of Cloud Computing
Securely and Efficiently

Are you stuck in a never-ending hardware refresh cycle with your servers?  Do you find yourself questioning if you even need servers anymore?  Are you wondering if the cloud may be the answer but aren’t sure how to begin? Are the cloud-based solutions you have in place secure, compliant, cost-efficient, backed up, or fault / disaster tolerant?

Choosing the Right Cloud Strategy

The term "cloud" can encompass a wide range of things, including the utilization of Microsoft 365, managing hybrid or complete infrastructure workloads, and adopting various cloud-based services from Microsoft Azure, AWS, and others.  For most organizations, it’s not a matter of whether to move to the cloud. It’s a matter of determining which cloud services are the right fit.

Once you move applications and services to the cloud, a new challenge arises: How do you keep them secure?  Cloud services are built on a shared responsibility model.  Knowing what your role and responsibilities is critically important.  The time to know the answers to these questions is now - before you suffer downtime and data loss and discover that you weren’t protected.


IronLogix is our on-staff IT person, and they understand our business. ... IronLogix gets on the phone with our software vendors if needed to resolve issues.

Cloud Computer Consultants

The IronLogix Difference

We believe the best solutions are customized to fit your specific needs. We take the time to thoroughly understand your organization’s needs and objectives so we can deliver cloud-based solutions tailored specifically for you. Our expertise extends beyond technical proficiency. We also prioritize security, compliance and business operations to ensure that your solution is productive, efficient and resilient.

​Our involvement doesn’t end there. From migration projects to ongoing proactive monitoring and support, IronLogix’s experienced and certified team has the expertise necessary to maximize the value of your cloud or hybrid environments.  

The cloud offers undeniable benefits, but it also comes with challenges and risks. Let our cloud experts guide you to the right cloud solutions, assist with migration, and ensure that your cloud environment is secure and performing optimally.

Cloud Computing Solutions Offered by IronLogix

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