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IronLogix is your trusted local provider of email encryption and email archiving services and solutions in the Columbia, SC area. Our email encryptions solutions help you ensure your company and clients’ confidential information is kept secure and protected from various email security threats. Our email archiving services ensure that your emails are stored efficiently and securely and are easily searched and retrieved when needed.


Contact us today learn more about our email encryption and email archiving services and solutions.

Email Encryption Solutions Protect Against Crypto Thieves

Most individuals would not get in their vehicles without first buckling up, right? Airline flights always begin with "safety first." How many times must we hear instructions about safety cards are in the backseat pockets and apply your own oxygen mask first in the event of trouble.

What about practicing safety online? Sending information via unencrypted email is the equivalent of writing that same information on a postcard for all to see.

Most individuals and businesses leave themselves at risk of identity theft, extortion, corporate confidentiality, and fraud by not taking the proper precautions to protect email data. If you have an email or social media account, you are a target. EVERYONE should be concerned about email privacy. 


We can ensure your email is secure and kept private, no matter the size of your business. We have built an email encryption service that is compatible with existing email providers.

Why is Email Encryption Essential?

There are three main reasons why your business should utilize email encryption software.  


  1. Email encryption software safeguards information sent over the Internet by helping to block potential eavesdroppers from gaining access to pertinent data and information, and from attempts to alter the content of the messages. 

  2. Encrypted data prevents unauthorized users from intercepting login credentials and prevents private information from being circulated around the Internet.

  3. Data that is protected protects EVERYONE by keeping financial and medical information out of the hands of criminals. Even if these evildoers hack an email account, they will not be able to read the data.

Beware: Phishing is Real

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails posing as reputable companies to illegally obtain personal information. In business, staff is targeted twice as much as middle management and middle management is targeted more than executives. Be sure to educate your employees to beware of phishing threats and the following best practices.

  • Never respond to unsolicited emails that ask for personal information.

  • Be suspicious of any email that does not address you by name, has misspells, or looks unprofessional.

  • Check the links by hovering your mouse over them to verify the links destination.

  • Never follow a suspicious link. Always navigate suspicious leads by typing the web address in the navigation bar at the top of your browser.

The Basics: Email Encryption Solutions

Email encryption is simply a mathematical process that scrambles information to secure or authenticate sensitive documents. In other words, email encryption simply “disguises” original email content to protected information so that it can only be read by the intended recipient(s).

There are two ways encryption may occur:  transport or end-to-end. Transport encryption is easier to set up and use; however, transport encryption is not as secure as end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is data that is encrypted upon sending and decrypted upon receipt.

Email Archiving Solutions Store Your Messages Securely and Efficiently

Email archiving is essentially a system for storing email messages in a secure and searchable manner.  Email archiving ensures your business can maintain access to emails for legal and business purposes without overloading your system. While email archiving solutions have been on the market for decades, they can be complex, expensive, and difficult to use at scale.

Without a proper solution, odds are your company is spending too much time archiving emails. 

Why you need an email archiving solution

It’s likely that you have thousands of emails housed on your mail server. This can cause overload and slowdowns to your system, inhibiting the overall productivity of your employees.

But, archiving vs. deleting old emails is important for a variety of reasons, including:   


  • Knowledge management

  • Storage management

  • Compliance/auditing needs

  • Disaster recovery

  • Mail server performance

  • Litigation/legal holds

Who is responsible for evaluating email archiving solutions?

Your in-house messaging admins can set up an email archiving system. But it’s best to outsource this work. Outsourcing allows your admins to focus on other IT needs.

7 must-have features for an effective email archiving solution

Not all email archiving solutions are the same, and it’s important that you employ the solution that is best for the needs of your business. There are some things that are must-haves, however. Here are 7 must-have features when considering email archiving solutions:

1. Compatibility 

Be sure that the company you choose is compatible with your email client. The email archival provider you choose should support a variety of email archiving scenarios, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server on-premises 

  • Microsoft Office 365 

  • SMTP Journaling 

  • Policy-based mailbox capture 

  • Deep processing of .PST files

2. Ability to ingest past emails

Your email archiving solution should be able to ingest emails from prior to the solution being in place.  Also ensure that the provider is able to ingest .PST files or an existing email store to ensure you don’t lose any data.

3. An effective and efficient archiving process

Some solutions only archive emails received from outside your company network, while others can archive every incoming and outgoing email, regardless of where they originate. Another consideration is email attachments.  It is advisable for most companies, particularly if they are compliance-focused, to ensure that all emails and attachments are archived.

4. Data redundancy

Having your data stored across a variety of data centers, is important to minimize risk of loss.  Data centers can be impacted by disasters, like bad storms and cyberattacks. The more redundancy you have, the lower the risk of losing your data or being unable to access it.

5. Compliance with government mandates

Ensure that your email archiving solution is compliant with government mandates. Policies such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX should be strictly followed. If your provider is not compliant, it puts your company at risk for legal issues.

6. Easy and fast search and retrieval

Ensure that email archiving solution you choose is simple and understandable even by non-IT types.  You also will need your solution to be fast. You will probably have thousands, and over time potentially millions of emails, in the archive. So, you will need a search capability that is quick at scale, particularly if retrieving old emails is a frequent need.

7. Quick ingest speeds 

Before committing to a solution, be aware of the provider’s data ingest speed. The quicker you can archive emails, the better.  Companies with a robust architecture can complete ingests quickly.  

Encrypt and Store Your Business Data Wisely

Looking for a one-stop shop for email encryption and archiving solutions and services? IronLogix is your trusted, local provider of email encryption and archiving solutions and services in the Sumter, SC area.

Contact us today to get started!

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