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IT Support for
CPA Firms
Columbia, SC

Access Full IT Support for CPA Firms With IronLogix

Proudly serving Columbia since 2004

Like many other industries, CPA firms have unique requirements when it comes to supporting the IT systems they rely upon. Being available when your clients need you and keeping their financial data secure can create large amounts of stress if your firm doesn’t have a strategy in place. What is the right IT support for CPA firms? 

IronLogix is a trusted local IT support & services company for CPA firms in the Columbia, SC area. We specialize in services that support the availability, security and efficiency of CPA firms’ IT systems. Our team of IT professionals can help find the best solutions to suit the needs of your firm based on years of professional experience. If you are concerned about the care of these systems in the long term, we provide managed IT services so your firm can focus on running the business. Contact us today to learn more. 

The IT demands of CPA firms and how IRONLOGIX can helP

When dealing with clients, the last thing they want is delays in the accounting process. As a CPA, if you aren't able to quickly execute your tasks, your clients will go somewhere else. The IT systems your firm depends on must work when they're supposed to and without constant downtime. This is especially true during those peak seasons when your client waiting queue steadily grows.

To set up a solid foundation and maintain your firm’s systems, you can turn to a reliable consultant like us to address common problems in IT support for CPA firms.

Strong network security

Sending and receiving data between outside sources means that sensitive data is constantly at risk. The ability to intercept and abuse data is something cybercriminals know how to do well. Our professional staff can conduct a network security assessment to identify the blind spots waiting to creep up on you. From this point, we can help you take corrective measures to secure the sensitive data you have in your possession at all times.

Reliable ransomware solutions

Unfortunately though, the worries don’t stop there. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, meaning that once a cybercriminal breaches your system’s defenses, all that data is up for bid. Recovering from a ransomware attack can not only be costly but can also ruin your firm’s reputation. This is why our backup and recovery solutions and data encryption services work to stop ransomware in its tracks.

Easy compliance

Worrying about cybercriminals is stressful enough, but should your firm fall out of regulatory compliance, the government shows up knocking too. The fines and penalties coupled with the freeze on your CPA firm’s business operations can be a nightmare to deal with. Knowing which controls to have in place and having a properly trained staff is something we can guide your firm through.

Secure remote work

Does your firm require employees to travel or work remotely? If so, remote device access can expose sensitive data and internal systems. This is a serious problem for most companies these days. However, we can help with multifactor authentication solutions and expert guidance from our staff. This helps place one more layer of protection between your CPA firm and sudden compromise.


Flexibility and scalability

As a CPA firm, there may be times of the year that are busier than others. The sudden demand for data storage, network performance and application availability means you need the IT systems to support your operations at the right time. However, purchasing your own hardware means that it will be idle during periods of downtime. This not only lowers your return on investment, it can also be costly to maintain. A subscription-based cloud solution might be the right choice for your firm.

Where do you begin with IT support for your CPA firm?

CPA firms specialize in accounting and financial services, not IT. So, hiring dedicated IT staff for smaller firms can be a wasteful expense. While your staff waits for the next problem to pop up, you could be paying them hundreds of hours of wages just to wait around. Managed IT solutions are clearly the best fit for this type of firm. 

However, even if you have the capital to invest in IT staff, they would need expertise in several areas spanning many vendors: 

1. IT hardware maintenance

2. IT software maintenance

3. Backup and recovery

4. Network security 

5. Desktop support

6. Telecommunications 

7. Data security

Truthfully, this type of employee doesn’t exist. But even if they did, their annual salary would need to be highly competitive with what they could earn someplace else.

IronLogix is here to help.

We have an entire team of IT professionals that specialize in these specific areas of expertise. No longer do you have to search for an IT dream team to retain on salary. We have built a winning team that can help ensure you have the IT support for CPA firms that you need to succeed. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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