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managed IT
Columbia, SC

We provide professional managed IT support services in Columbia, SC. We monitor and proactively maintain your systems 24/7.  Your infrastructure is our focus.  What's yours?  Be productive where it counts.


The average small business typically spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology with 80% of that occurring post-purchase.  Our Proactive Managed IT Services program is specifically designed for you to maximize your investment by keeping your IT infrastructure running optimally and operating cost manageable. 

  • Full-service IT Services Provider

  • South Carolina Based Support Desk

  • Fast Problem Resolution

  • Actually Budget for IT Products & Services


Working with a service provider should be easy to do and understand.  An IronLogix Complete Support Solution consists of two main functions: Services & Support.

IronLogix Proactive Services

Plus your choice of one of the following two support plans:

Standard Support


Total-IT Support


IronLogix ensures predictable outcomes by setting high standards of  consistency across our client base.  We engage with you by learning your business mission and then bring the appropriate resources to bear to help you achieve it.

While we understand that each client’s environment is unique; we service, sell, and maintain a standardized set of core infrastructure products from proven top-tier vendors. This enables us to us to specialize and become experts in specific systems which allows us to efficiently provide support and deliver predictable results.

IronLogix Proactive Services

Proactive Managed Services are products and tools that allow us to securely monitor, update, and maintain your computers, servers, and other network related devices 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 

Proactive Services form the backbone of our complete support offering so that we can detect and address problems before the develop into work-stopping events.

IronLogix Proactive Managed IT Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Critical Systems

  • Patch Evaluation & Deployment

  • Failed Process / Service Remediation

  • Server Event Monitoring & Remediation

  • Anti-malware Subscription & Updates

  • Backup Job Monitoring & Remediation

  • Secure Remote Support Tool

  • Asset Collection & Reporting

  • Secure Documentation Application

  • Network & Security Assessments

  • System Optimizations & More

Standard Support

This support offering bundles our Proactive Services with hourly pay-as-you go support and project-based billing rates. 
Clients that require support infrequently or desire a more traditional approach toward managing their technical systems choose this program.

Total-IT Support

Clients that are ready to move beyond time and material based support transition to our Total-IT Support program.

For day-to-day routine operations, Total-IT offers prioritized unlimited remote and on-site support for a flat monthly rate. 

This type of relationship completely transforms the interaction process.  Instead of discussions revolving around cost versus time, we focus on the actual challenges of managing your infrastructure and increasing your productivity.

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