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Veeam Support and Consulting

Columbia, SC

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Proudly serving Columbia since 2004

IronLogix is your trusted local Veeam consultant and provider of Veeam support and consulting services in the Columbia, SC area.


When you partner with us, you get more than a Veeam backup and recovery vendor. You gain a partner that understands your business.


Contact us today for a free consultation.

Veeam Support and Consulting Services

The problem

If, like most business owners, you are increasingly reliant on technology to succeed, you understand that your infrastructure is only as good as your backups.


Hard drives get corrupted, power supplies fail, offices flood and files get deleted. It isn't a matter of if - it is a matter of when.

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Your company likely has a strategy for physical servers, virtual servers and possibly even desktops, whether in the form of backup software or centralized file storage and images. Unfortunately, when it comes to cloud computing, many rely on the provider to retain multiple copies of the machine and possibly the data. However, backing up cloud servers in the hosting environment can be cost-prohibitive and confusing. By implementing a single backup solution across all of your computing environments with the help of IronLogix, you can save time and money.

The solution

Veeam backup and recovery offers a single pane of glass where you can manage the backup and recovery for:

1. Physical servers.

2. Virtual servers including hosts.

3. network attached storage (NAS)

4. Cloud servers and more

Engaging outside help

Most businesses are leveraging computing power in the form of servers and storage, and those devices are increasingly virtualized on premise or reside in the cloud. The cloud offers flexibility and relative ease of setup that allows you to go from zero to working in a short time.

However, your business may not currently be large enough to require a dedicated IT staff, in particular staff with expertise in backup and recovery. This increases your reliance on cloud providers that may or may not have your best interests at heart. IronLogix is here to assist you.

Veeam Implementation

If you are not currently taking advantage of Veeam's capabilities, IronLogix can help. Our backup experts will take the time to understand your business first and your environment second. This allows us to have the full understanding necessary to right-size the computing and storage requirements and guide your business through the implementation process from start to finish. 

By consolidating all your critical systems backup solutions into one application, you not only save money that can be invested back into your business, but you also retain full control over your data. 

Veeam Support

If your business is already leveraging Veeam for backup and recovery, IronLogix is here to help you as well. Navigating a maze of automated phone trees or staring at your inbox waiting on a reply is unacceptable when you are experiencing a data backup issue. A local resource just a phone call away gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on growing your business.

As a fellow business owner and your technology partner, we understand your infrastructure as if it were our own and will engage much more quickly and accurately than our larger competitors.


ironlogix_managed security_trans_white.p

Don't put your faith, or your backup needs, in the hands of a corporation that views your business as just a line item.


IronLogix is a local Veeam backup consultant, and our experts are standing by for your call.


IronLogix Testimonial Angela Grant
"Ironlogix did a great job in the planning, guidance, and installation of our network. "

— Angela Grant, Manager

"I'd like to commend Ironlogix for a job well done in improving our cloud networking. They work fast and does it the way we want to."

— Charles Toole, AICP, LEED AP

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