IronLogix does IT the right way.


"Absolutely the best IT experience I've had in 28-years here!"

— Nanci Fields, COO

"Oh man.  Can I just hug you guys right now?"

— Bo Huff, CEO


If you have expensive technology all over the place yet seem to be working harder than ever to make things work; talk to us - there is a better way.  We understand that you probably have much more to do than manage technology or deal with the vendors that offer it.  IronLogix exists to provide, support, and manage all of that for you.
Our Company ensures predictable outcomes through strong relationships and high standards.  We offer an unparalleled care experience to companies that want sole vendor responsibility for all their technology needs.  If operational excellence is what you are looking for, we can help get you there.
That is the IronLogix Way. 


  • Accountability: Our clients are not in the IT business and as such, look to us to handle their technology issues.  We own our clients' IT issues from start to finish and deliver a “white glove experience” with acceptable end results.

  • Integrity:  We own the result of our actions – good or bad.  If we make a mistake we admit it up-front, we fix it, and move on. 

  • Commitment: We understand that our clients have pressures from management, employees, and other vendors and do not always understand tech infrastructure.  We are the trusted resource that will stand firmly by their side and help guide them while we take on technical challenges and achieve successful outcomes together.

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Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, IronLogix has been providing comprehensive IT support and system solutions since 2004.  We service clients located primarily in South Carolina, Charlotte, and Augusta areas.