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We know the risk, and we’ve been delivering Cyber Security Consulting and Auditing to small and medium-sized businesses for over 10 years.

To manage cybersecurity risk, your IT department should be able to identify red flags like data breaches, user account thefts, digital exploitation, suspicious patterns and other vulnerabilities within your network premise. Once these data have been collected, your team should cast strategies according to the nature of the attack.

Having an organization that is fully protected from cyber attacks is every businessman's dream. Your investment in cybersecurity from IronLogix is also your investment to have a peace of mind. Our team of experts has been fighting cyber crime for many years, and we strive every day to make the digital world a safer place for businesses like yours.
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Is an effective way to find security vulnerabilities that a cyber attacker could exploit. Pen Test is a kind of ethical hacking that simulates a real-life security breach onto a network.
Penetration Testing
Is an effective way to find security vulnerabilities that a cyber attacker could exploit. Pen Test is a kind of ethical hacking that simulates a real-life security breach onto a network.
Business Continuity
Our continuity plan deals with creating systems of prevention and recovery while addressing ongoing potential threats. The goal is to enable continuous operations before and during the execution of disaster recovery.
Vulnerability Assessment
This includes checking for outdated operating systems and software, identifying poor password and security policies, and revealing whether your devices were set up using hackable default user credentials.


Making all staff aware of different types of cyber attack including phishing, suspicious email, social engineering approach, credentials, and other emerging security threats.
IT staff
Cybercriminals will often be looking to gain access to your network. A well-trained IT staff can effectively safeguard an IT infrastructure and block cyber attacks using network monitoring software and firewalls.
Data Protection
Performing incremental backups to both cloud and local storage is still the best data protection any business can have. Locally saved data always come handy whenever the internet is inaccessible.
Navigate your way to achieve compliance with some of the most cybersecurity frameworks such as PCI and NIST. Keep your business security posture with our comprehensive guidelines and methodologies.


The choice of a wireless network installer might be the difference between a failed, problematic installation or one that delivers optimal performance and maximum throughput at all times of the day. When looking for wireless network installers, always choose one with extensive expertise and experience in the industry, as well as a verifiable work portfolio.

By leveraging the expert services of IronLogix, a leading company in the wireless networking  industry, you can be assured of optimal round-the-clock performance of your wireless network.
IronLogix network consultants are always available and ready when your organization would like to improve security procedures and controls for current and future security challenges.
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"Ironlogix did a great job in the planning, guidance, and installation of our network. "

— Angela Grant, Manager

"I'd like to commend Ironlogix for a job well done in improving our cloud networking. They work fast and does it the way we want to."

— Charles Toole, AICP, LEED AP