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From vulnerability assessments to disaster recovery, managed SOC, EDR services, and systems hardening, our cybersecurity solutions help clients monitor and protect their systems from threats and disasters.

Cybersecurity from IronLogix
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One in Three Small to Mid-Sized Organizations Experience a Data Breach

Research shows 92% of those breaches are due to Human Error with email being the number one attack vector.  Unsuspecting and untrained employees commonly use poor judgement by falling for illegitimate email scams, reusing passwords across multiple systems, and more. 

Is Your Organization at Risk?

Make no mistake - cyber criminals cast wide nets and your organization is not too small or insignificant to fall victim to their attack campaigns.  

IronLogix provides the right mix of technological systems, ongoing assessments, recurring end-user education, and dependable support to help you thwart constant attack and keep sensitive data safe. 

Your cybersecurity journey can start right now.  We offer a complimentary baseline security assessment that analyzes your business' dark web presence, simulated phishing response, and security awareness training scores to provide you with an overall look at your human-related security risk.

Regulations, Compliance, Assessments, and Cyber Insurance

Are you feeling like you are constantly trying to hit a moving target when it comes to meeting your regulatory, insurance, and compliance requirements?  Do you find yourself hesitating when filling out those endless questionnaires regarding how you secure, backup, and manage your systems?  The consequences for mistakenly reporting you have something when you actually do not can mean the difference between being compliant and covered for an incident or finding out the hard way that you're on your own. 

Restore Your Confidence with Managed Cybersecurity Solutions from IronLogix

IronLogix provides managed cybersecurity services that help ensure your IT environment is resilient, secure, and compliant with today's ever-evolving standards.  


The solutions and support systems we deploy are tailored to your organization's unique objectives using the objective lens from your specific industry and insurance requirements.  The end result is the peace of mind you receive knowing that you can confidently say your systems are secure and resilient as possible.  Should an attack or disaster occur, our team will already be on it so that you can recover or thwart any incident quickly and know exactly what to expect and do. 

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity Solutions Offered by IronLogix

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