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Disaster Recovery And 

We implement, monitor, and test your backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure you are protected from disruptive events. Fully managed backup and disaster recovery are integrated into everything we do. 


Just about everyone says they have backups but what does that really mean?  If you were attacked by ransomware today would your backup data be wiped out along with your production data?  Have you tested your on-site and off-site backups to prove that you can not only restore, but be up and running quickly? 

It is absolutely crucial to ensure that your systems are prepared to handle an outage. The time to ascertain this readiness is not during the event itself, but rather through careful planning and testing prior to any occurrence.

Why Robust Backup Is Critical

Data loss is a common occurrence in organizations of all sizes. In most cases, it’s the result of human error — someone accidentally deletes the wrong files. Hardware failure, software corruption and theft are other common causes of data loss. Files may also be lost or corrupted in a power outage or natural disaster.

Ransomware is a significant threat. In a ransomware attack, malware encrypts all the data it can find on systems and storage devices, then demands a ransom in exchange for the encryption key. Paying the ransom is no guarantee that data can be recovered — on the contrary, it often emboldens the attackers. The only real hedge against a ransomware attack is a comprehensive data backup system that’s isolated from the rest of the IT environment.

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Managed Backup Solves Common Problems

Data backup is clearly critical, but it’s a frustrating and problematic process for many organizations. Cost and complexity are common issues. In many organizations, backup processes haven’t kept up with growing data volumes. Around-the-clock business processes make it difficult to complete backups within the available window. Backups often fail, leaving organizations with a false sense that their data is protected. This leaves them exposed to the costly and potentially catastrophic risk of data loss.

With managed backup, your IT support provider takes responsibility for your backup processes. Best-in-class providers implement enterprise-class backup hardware and software capable of protecting your entire environment. Data will be replicated to the cloud to ensure recovery in the event of a site disaster. Backup systems will be protected against security threats, and backup processes tested regularly to confirm they’re working properly.

Keeping everyone’s data secure is so important now...There are several new requirements for our industry that we wouldn’t have been able to meet before.

- Thomas Trezise

The IronLogix Difference

At IronLogix, we take data backup very seriously. We integrate a comprehensive backup solution into our fully managed IT support offerings. Why? We believe that we cannot fully support your IT environment if we don’t ensure that your data is protected.

We will develop a backup plan that covers all your critical systems, including on-premises servers, cloud platforms and Microsoft 365 environments. The plan will ensure that data is backed up frequently to meet your recovery objectives. We will also help you develop a disaster recovery strategy to protect your organizations against potentially devastating threats.

Let IronLogix Relieve Your Backup Headaches

Data backup is too important to leave to chance. With IronLogix as your IT support partner, you can rest assured that your critical systems and data are backed up and protected. Our experts will implement, manage, test and support your backup environment. Give us a call to schedule a confidential consultation.


Proactive Managed IT Services Offered by IronLogix

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