While a network firewall provides effective security and protection, just like any other peripherals, it needs people to monitor and manage it. Monitoring your own firewalls can be expensive. Hiring an on-site team who will manage firewalls 24x7 comes with a hefty price tag.

Many small to medium-sized organizations can't afford internal expertise, time, and capital to monitor and manage their own firewalls round-the-clock. If you are this type of company, IronLogix Managed Firewall Services is an affordable and effective solution.

No doubt, firewalls are a key component in safeguarding your business network from cyberattacks. We've seen organizations hardly survived after a cyberattack or data breach. The penalty doesn't stop on closure, they would have to face a lawsuit from the government in accordance with the data protection law.
Don't let this happen to your business, IronLogix can help monitor and manage your network firewall all day and night.

Managed Firewalls the IronLogix way

Expert TEAM at your back
The responsibility of round-the-clock monitoring can be overwhelming for many organizations. If you can only afford a small IT department, it's very challenging for your staff to keep an eye on the status of the network.
Partnering with IronLogix solves this problem. Our team of network engineers can work 24x7 to monitor your firewall for any malicious activities and manage it by keeping the firmware up-to-date.
Achieve Compliance
A big part of any data protection regulation is keeping your network safe even during office hours. Off-hours monitoring is important as 80% of cybercrime happens after business time.
Regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, ITAR requires every company to have a dedicated team to look closely with all network aspects including data loss, breach, backups, firewalls, and other network security measure.
Pro-active Advantage
Our network engineers work hard to help protect our client's network from any cyberattack. Over the years of delivering effective Managed Firewall services, we have developed a proprietary methodology that involves various approaches to ensure the control and maintenance of your network's security.
We keep ourselves updated with the new and immerging cyberthreat and design a plan to make sure every instance of unknown cyberattacks will be dealt with full security measures. We also create monitoring reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis pro-actively.

Our services include:

  • 24X7 support for customer environments through our SOC team.

  • Dedicated and Virtual firewall options

  • Firewall configuration data backup and restore

  • System administration, updates, patches, and hotfixes

  • Portal-based analytics and reporting, including access to weekly log files

  • Quarterly review of firewall rules and configurations

  • Remote firewall configuration and management

  • URL white/black listing

  • URL white/black listing

  • Network segmentation


"Ironlogix did a great job in the planning, guidance, and installation of our network. "

— Angela Grant, Manager

"I'd like to commend Ironlogix for a job well done in improving our cloud networking. They work fast and does it the way we want to."

— Charles Toole, AICP, LEED AP

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