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3CX VoIP Phone System: Debunking the Common Myths

Despite significant interested in VoIP phone systems every year and businesses logging billions of VoIP calls on a yearly basis, there are still people who are holding back due to the myths that have been floating across the internet. This is why we are here to shoot down those myths or misconceptions so you can finally know the truth about VoIP phone systems.

Myth 1: VoIP Will Make You Break The Bank

A VoIP phone system is actually more affordable and cost-effective than the on-premise phones or legacy phone lines you are currently using. When you use a hosted VoIP phone system, you will discover that the costs are mostly centered around the service fees, instead of installation, repair, or operational costs. Given the fact that you will be able to make local phone calls and international phone calls at a low cost, you will see significant savings on a daily basis.  There are many who also believe that you can only save money when you make calls to other VoIP phone systems. Many VoIP phone system providers do provide no-cost calling to other users who also have an account, but this is not the only way that your business costs can be reduced.

Myth 2: You Will No Longer Have Control After The Switch

Not having a physical server in your office will not mean that you will no longer have control over their phone systems. However, a VoIP phone system will give your business greater control because you will be able to control the users, the phone numbers, messaging system, call forwarding, etc. VoIP phone systems will no longer place all the burden on those who are on the outside looking in. You will now have control back in your possession. You will not have to obtain any new tools or skills. 

Myth 3: Audio Quality is Poor

When you first tried to use Skype years ago, you were probably frustrated with the call quality and the connections. However, these problems were likely caused by lack of bandwidth instead of the actual VoIP technology.

Today, we have been gifted with a variety of broadband connections, regardless of where we are at the moment. We are no longer suffering through the days when we could only use a dial-up connection. The audio quality of VoIP will surpass your expectations, especially when you compare it to the traditional phone lines you have been using for years. 

VoIP can give you high-quality and high-definition phone calls that will make you feel like the other callers is sitting right next to you or across from you. There was a time when VoIP was trying to catch up to the landline phones, but now those roles have been reversed.

Myth 4: VoIP Is Not Made For Small Businesses

A VoIP phone system like 3CX can be so flexible that it can be used by companies in a variety of industries, regardless of the size. VoIP phone systems make it easier for you to add additional users, and you can add these users by using one button. Small businesses and startup businesses will instantly see the value in the ability to add additional phone lines as their business starts to grow. A VoIP phone system will also help the smaller businesses feel larger and operate as if they are a large business because of the available features.

Contact IronLogix For More Information About VoIP Phone Systems

These are only a few of the myths we are sure you have heard about VoIP phone systems. Are any of these myths holding you back from making the switch? Contact us today for more information on our services so you can finally dispel these myths and misconceptions. 

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