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4 Reasons Why Your Customer Service Team Needs 3CX

Updated: Nov 17, 2017

Customer service is a huge part of any modern business, especially those that offer online services. Customers need to be able to reach support through email, chat, and phone and always reach a real human on the other end. For this to be possible, your customer support reps are online all the time, answering emails, running chat windows, and answering calls. Why should only one of those three be on a completely separate service? VOIP is the computer unification option for audio communication, replacing the dinosaur systems of telecom companies. Why pay an extra bill, deal with extra cables, and worry about an extra system to troubleshoot when you can have fast, clear, reliable phone service through your existing internet connection?

1. Easy to Scale

For the number of customers you have, you need a certain amount of customer support agents to provide for them. At the moment, your company is big enough for the service staff you have, but what if you grow? New staff members mean invasive wiring of yet more old telephones to desks. With 3CX, a new phone line is as easy as setting up the Soft Phone Application on their computer and plugging in a headset. You need never have too many or too few phone lines again.

2. Number Consistency in Any Situation

3CX does not rely on one number per device. Calls can be redirected anywhere. Whether your employees swap desks or get on the road with a mobile device, you can arrange your Web Client dashboard to send them calls to the right computer at all times. This is especially useful in the case of device disasters. Should the worst happen and someone's work laptop have a fatal fall to the floor, they can get right back to work on a borrowed system with their number conveniently redirected. This is especially useful for customer service reps that visit clients and venues and need to stay in touch. The number and data from a damaged cellphone must be carefully harvested and transferred to a new device, but a 3CX extension can work on replacement device immediately, getting your rep back in the field and helping customers ASAP.

3. Save on Phone Bills

If your company has a customer support team, chances are you've already got a business class high-speed internet connection and pay a reasonable amount of overhead to keep it. There is no reason for you to also be paying through the nose for an outdated phone system as well. 3CX can make efficient use of your existing internet connection and cut out the telecom company completely. It also isn't a physical system that will need costly maintenance and repairs. That's an entire set of bills you will never have to pay again.

4. Integrate with Your Management Software

Perhaps the best thing about 3CX is its ability to integrate with your existing business management systems. With additional software, calls can be recorded, auto-transcribed, and logged in CRMs as part of an individual customer service history, or they can be timed and rated as part of your customer service efficiency studies. If your company is dedicated to a unified conversation system, you can arrange for 3CX to integrate smoothly with your email and chat support features.

3CX is the premier phone solution for the modern company. With easy scaling, number consistency, and a much lighter cost, there's very little 3CX can't do. Whether you're ripping out your old phone system for a more efficient option or have just begun furnishing your new offices, this solution has been created to suit the needs of your business.  Everything is on the internet now, and your phones should be too.

For more information about the 3CX phone system, contact us today!

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