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Does The VoIP Phone System 3CX Have What You Are Looking For?

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Have you been searching for a new business phone system lately? If you have, we can imagine that your brain is probably spinning around all the options that are available. There are so many vendors who are ready to share information about the features of their phone systems, and there will be plenty of happy and unhappy customers who are more than willing to share their feedback about the various phone systems in the marketplace.

It can definitely feel like a huge project when you try to pinpoint all the features and capabilities your company will need in a phone system. Every business is going to have their own communication needs. What the company across the street needs for their communication strategy is not going to be the same for your communication strategy. However, there are some key features that you should expect to receive in a high-quality phone service.

Simple Installation

Some of the best phone systems will have the easiest installation and setup. 3CX is one of the high-quality phone systems that take simple and easy to a higher level. This VoIP phone system can run on any Windows machine, so this means all you will need to do is plug in the IP phone into your network and let 3CX do the rest. When upgrades are required or changes need to be made they can be made through the management feature. You will no longer have to pull your hair out when upgrades are available.

Unified Messaging

Many people love when things are simple, and simple can often be a very good thing. Unified messaging can simplify your entire communication strategy. Instead of having to constantly check your email or constantly dial the number to your voicemail in order to retrieve a message, a phone system that has the unified messaging feature will have the ability to deliver all of your communications into your inbox, and this includes your faxes. You can receive your faxes in the form of a PDF file and your voicemails can be retrieved from your inbox without needing to dial your voicemail.

Video Conferencing

Are you currently taking advantage of the wonderful benefits of video conferencing? Does your current phone system allow you to initiate meetings through a web browser? 3CX allows you to initiate video meetings and conferences with the simple click of a mouse. It does not matter if your meeting will consist of only office employees or people from various companies and organizations, no one will need to download any extra software or purchase any extra hardware. 


We are all aware of how popular remote working and mobility have become. Any phone system you are considering should have a high-quality mobile solution. A mobile solution will enable everyone to work even when they are not physically in the office. Employees will never have to miss an important phone call from a customer or a client. The mobile solution system should also include a presence. A presence feature will allow employees to set their status so the other workers will know the best way to reach the mobile or remote employee.

Are you looking for a better phone system that has all the features your business need and more? Are you ready to take a step back and put the effort and energy into finding the solution that will be perfect for your business? We hope you have gained a better understanding of the type of information you should search for when you are researching VoIP phone systems.

Contact us today to find out how 3CX can provide your business with all the solutions and features you have been searching for.

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