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Evolve Your Healthcare Organization With A 3CX VoIP Phone System

Healthcare professionals meeting in board room
Healthcare professionals meeting in board room

The healthcare industry operates in its own separate world, and therefore, it has its own rules, regulations, and needs. There are many life and death situations that take place on a daily basis, and the healthcare industry needs to have the technology and other resources that are flexible and reliable.

VoIP phone systems and unified communications(UC) have helped many healthcare organizations improve their operations and their communications. VoIP and unified communications can also be combined to build extra features that will be useful and beneficial to the healthcare staff, patients, and the loved ones and caregivers of the patients.

Healthcare Communication and VoIP

There are many benefits and advantages that VoIP can offer to improve the telephone systems in a healthcare organization, including the following:

Integrating Your Devices

A VoIP phone system will allow your healthcare organization to effectively and efficiently route phone calls to anyone across various devices. Your traditional phone systems will only be able to route phone calls to other telephones. However, a VoIP phone system will integrate your telephony, and this means phone calls can be routed to multiple devices, such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other telephones. 

There are VoIP providers that offer voicemail services and call recording services that are HIPAA-compliant. We encourage you to always check the HIPAA status of any VoIP phone system or Unified Communications(UC) provider you are considering. 

Healthcare On The Move

Does your healthcare organization currently use wireless phones and or handsets? VoIP phones and handsets that are wireless can easily be integrated into your VoIP phone system. This type of integration will provide everyone with the convenience and flexibility that many people enjoy from the cordless phones. 

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are very dynamic environments. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare members are constantly moving around. Wireless handsets will be equipped with all the features your healthcare staff can get from the VoIP phone on their desk. There is also an option of setting up a cordless device that can communicate with the IP phone system.

Your Unified Communications Strategy

When Unified Communications is integrated into a VoIP phone system, it takes things a few steps further. Every healthcare employee will have their preferred contact information stored in the VoIP phone system. When everyone in the facility has access to one another's contact information, it will be easy for everyone to reach their intended contact with no problems. 

With the right Unified Communications(UC) strategy, the healthcare staff will be able to take advantage of the various UC tools like video conferencing. Video conferencing is becoming a popular tool in the healthcare industry because of its ability to bring everyone together for webinars, meetings, etc. 

The healthcare staff will be able to connect and share their experiences with other health care professionals, regardless of their location. There are various Unified Communications(UC) platforms that will consist of features that will fit everyone's needs, including a chat platform for those who prefer using communicating through chat. 

3CX VoIP Phone System

When an organization makes the decision to move to a VoIP phone system, it is important that they choose a system that will provide them with the features that will fit their needs. A VoIP 3CX phone system is an award-winning phone system that will provide your healthcare organization with high-quality features at an affordable price. 

With a 3CX phone system, your healthcare professionals will be able to do the following:

  • Increase productivity levels with the right UC features due to the ability to set up video conferencing, conference calls, webinars, etc.

  • Increase mobility by giving your employees the ability to answer calls or receive messages while they are on the go

  • Reduce the amount of money that is spent on communication costs

  • Globalize your healthcare organization 

Are you ready to discover all the capabilities and features of a VoIP phone system? Are you ready to have more control over your communication and your operations? Please do not hesitate to contact IronLogix for more information on VoIP phone systems and Unified Communications (UC) systems. 

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