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How Can 3CX Increase Your Workplace Productivity?

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

No one can deny that technology has had an incredible impact on business communication. There is also no denying the fact that technology has also had a huge impact on other areas of a business. Technology gives us the ability to easily communicate with nearly anyone from various parts of the world, and this has changed the way that those in the workforce collaborate and communicate with others. Professionals who are just entering the workforce out of college probably cannot imagine living in a world where there are no mobile devices, social media, internet, etc.

The way that people communicate today is entirely different than what was going on 10 years ago. In order to stay competitive, you are going to need to be able to embrace the constant changes and evolve with the times as they change. When you are able to keep up with business communication trends, you will be able to make better decisions because you will be ready for anything that is thrown at you.

Embracing a VoIP phone system like 3CX will allow you to finally have the unified communications resources you need to improve your workplace productivity. 


One of the most well known and popular business communication trends is the use of phones and other mobile devices. Mobile devices have significantly changed the business world for the better. Mobile devices have improved offices the same way computers did decades ago. The mobile devices we use today pack a significant amount of power. The mobile devices that we have access to today have created a variety of great opportunities for businesses. 

With a variety of mobile applications and software, employees no longer have to sit at their desks all day in order to get any work done. Employees can sign in applications and software on their mobile devices and have instant access to company data. Employees can bring their own devices to work and still be efficient and productive. 

Collaborative Workspaces

If you want to be considered a successful business, one of the most important things you will have to recognize is the importance of groups and teamwork. Many businesses are moving past the traditional work spaces and are now entering the online work spaces. Online work spaces are able to blend a social media element to promote improvements in innovation and interaction. This switch has been made because of the need to have better work processes and to encourage creativity.

Large areas make it uncomfortable for small groups to interact and communicate effectively. Large areas will also place limits on internal communication when the groups are small. When you use small collaborative work spaces in your business, all of your employees will be able to create content and share content that will be meaningful throughout the entire conversations.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is not anything new, but the use of video conferencing has certainly changed in recent years. Businesses are no longer limiting video conferencing to a room in the office. Employees are now using phones and other mobile devices that will allow phone calls to be made from any location.

Video conferencing services have allowed teams to actually meet without being in the same room. Video conferencing has significantly improved efforts when it comes to collaboration. The majority of video conferencing solutions will come with various capabilities that will include file sharing, screen sharing, chat, etc. 

UC (Unified Communications)

Unified Communications involves the integration of phones, messaging services, chat services, video services, etc. to create real-time communication systems. Unified communications resources are used to provide a steady user interface and a steady experience across a variety of media formats and devices. When voice and data mesh together, the unified communication system will reduce infrastructure costs. Unified communications will also include a variety of features and formats that will make your experiences are more responsive one.

While there will be some changes in business communication trends, these four resources will always have a place in the workplace. If you want to remain competitive and if you want to continue to evolve in the workplace, contact us today for more information on how you can give your workplace a much-needed boost with 3CX.

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