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Managed IT Services | Upgrade Your Wishful Thinking IT Strategy

Does your business have an IT strategy based on wishful thinking? You do what you can and hope nothing bad happens. Managed IT Services give you better options.

As with most small businesses, your time and financial resources dictate your technological solutions. You make choices: developing your brand, growing your business, paying your employees, investing in raw materials. When your budget doesn't stretch to cover a cybersecurity specialist or the latest infrastructure enhancements, your wishful thinking IT strategy kicks in: 

  • Promote your office clerk to IT Security Expert and wish him good luck on his new job

  • Cross-train at night to become an Owner/Manager/IT Specialist

  • Download canned security fixes and browser updates and wish they would really protect your data

  • Address system vulnerabilities on an as needed basis and hope you don't overlook a critical threat

  • Hope your (by-the-hour) IT service contractor doesn't spend too many hours fixing your problem

  • Wish you really understand the difference between vulnerabilities and threats

  • Cross your fingers each morning and hope for the best 

Big Businesses IT Strategies Were Once Remarkably Similar

Big businesses used to rely on some of the same hoping, crossing-your-fingers, wishful thinking IT strategies. We won't rehash ongoing big business cyber criminal issues, but breaches happen when you rely on non-strategy strategies like that. Let's just say that compromised data gave big businesses an IT security wake-up call. Old and new, national and international security firms recognized the need and rushed to fill the void.

Cybersecurity giants now close big business security gaps with costly infrastructure, software, and system wide solutions and controls. A market report published by estimates that in just 13 years IT security has grown from a $3.5 million dollar business to a $120 billion global industry. While no amount of security can eliminate the cyber criminal risk, big businesses now have more options. Of course, they have big budgets to pay the price.

What Can Your Small Business Do?

As a small business owner, when you consider technology and cybersecurity options, it brings you right back to your small business budget. That's where Ironlogix Productive IT Services comes in. We give you big-business options for a manageable price. Instead of a major investment in infrastructure, software, and security controls, you choose from a menu of IT options that fit your business needs. 

Fully Managed IT Services: Our team keeps your IT system secure and running efficiently. IT experts implement industry-leading solutions from Sophos, Veeam and other security innovators. We perform system configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and other IT services critical to your business. 

Support and Consultation: Your IT staff performs day-to-day functions. Our offsite IT management experts provide a support system with supplemental services, end-to-end networks, employee and guest wireless, and other customized solutions.

Managed Security: Cybersecurity experts implement controls and industry-leading IT solutions to protect your critical data. We help you maintain compliance with HIPAA, FCC, and other regulatory standards. A dedicated team monitors your IT system to uncover vulnerabilities and threats that expose your data to criminal attacks. 

IronLogix Productive IT Services | Small Business IT Solutions 

IT issues can be complicated and annoying but you can't wish or hope them away. At IronLogix Productive IT Services, we designed our menu of services to give you the effective big business IT solutions you need at a small business price. 

IronLogix is located in Columbia South Carolina where we've been helping regional businesses meet their IT and phone system challenges since 2004. If you operate a business in the Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Florence, Charleston, Charlotte, or Augusta areas, call us at 803.454.6255 or complete our online contact form. We'll tell you more about IronLogix Managed IT Services so you can see if we're a good fit for you. 

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