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Network Security and Your Small Business

Employees working together on computers
Employees working together on computers

Cyber criminals continue to set their sights on small businesses at an alarming rate because small businesses, generally, do not always have the proper protection in place that will make it harder for the hacker to complete the job. Unfortunately, there are many small business owners who feel that they can operate their business without getting noticed. However, cyber criminals are becoming more interested in the easier targets, and small businesses are often seen as the easier targets.

Network Security: What Is It?

Network security involves the variety of actions that are performed with the intention of providing protection for your business's network. Network security may also refer to the monitoring of your network to ensure you will always be made aware of any threats before they cause major problems to your small business.

For many small businesses like yours, network security is more about the following:

  • identifying the weak areas

  • relating consistent solutions

  • securing ownership data

  • safeguarding the network against potential employee mistakes

Small business network security typically focuses on backing up data consistently and creating obstacles and challenges that will prevent the cyber criminals and hackers from considering them as easy targets. Some of the well-known and common vulnerabilities to cyber threats for any business today are email accounts and social media accounts.

Many employees bring their own devices to work and use the business's network without having any regards to the security issues they may be causing. Furthermore, the employees are quickly opening and skimming through their emails without actually thinking about the risks that can be associated with the files and other attachments that are being viewed and downloaded.

Network Security And Your Small Business

When it comes to your small business, there are so many things on the line when you do not have efficient network security in place. If you have installed antivirus software on all your computers, you cannot walk away from the office thinking that all your network security problems have been addressed. 

Your business may be referred to as a small business due to the number of employees you have, but all the data and information you have stored is very important to you. If you did not have this data, your business operations would not be able to continue. Your small business needs proper protection from all the network security risks for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Your business needs to protect proprietary data, client data, customer data, etc. All of these data types will have significant value on the black market. 

  • If you have employees accessing your business network from their personal devices or from networks that are not always secure, your vulnerability risks will continue to soar.

  • Your customers and clients have trusted you with their personal information. It can be difficult to regain their trust and their business once their personal data has been taken and compromised. 

  • If you have the right security provisions in place from the very beginning, you will reduce your chances of being involved in a legal battle because you did your part in having the right provisions. 

  • Many of your clients and customers are interested in network security and they are very wise about the industry. If they ask you network security questions that you do not have the answers to, they may decide to take their questions to your competitors. 

Creating Obstacles For The Cyber Criminals

If you want to make cyber criminals avoid your business, we encourage you to create challenges and obstacles. You have to find ways to make it difficult for them to gain access to your business information. It will not take much for you to implement these challenges, and some of these challenges can include:

  • Creating complex passwords

  • Creating password policies

  • Using anti-virus software

  • Updating the patches as soon as you get the alert they are available

  • Training and educating all employees on how to spot suspicious activity

  • Removing programs and other applications that are not active

We know you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things that are going in with your business, but cybersecurity is something you will always need. One day your business may be well-protected and the next day it may be vulnerable to threats. We encourage you to take the right steps towards improving your business's network security. 

Are you ready to get rid of the stress and take the pressure off your small business? please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on network security.

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