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Network Security Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Cybersecurity is a pain point for entrepreneurs across various industries, which impacts their daily operations in one way or another. Small business operators are not an exemption when it comes to cyber crimes, but it is quite unfortunate to discover that some of them imagine that they cannot become a target since they are too small.

When you overlook the necessity of securing your business systems as a small business owner, you increase the probability of suffering a cyber attack, and that should be a cause for concern on your part. Here are some of the network security challenges facing small entrepreneurs.


Allowing your employees to transfer company information across networks using their devices is fine, but there should be a policy in place for regulating the bring your own device (BYOD) technology. Controlling access to your firm's sensitive information using a VPN, which facilitates encryption of information is a necessity especially for workers who access company systems using public Wi-Fi.

The only setback, in this case, is that when you allow some employees to bring their devices they may access the details of your small business database through unsecured links and that will ultimately open the door for cybercriminals.

Internal Attacks

At times, the biggest threat for small businesses is from within and not without and that is something you should be conscious of as an entrepreneur. For instance, if some of the staff operating privileged accounts leave the organization, they may try to take advantage of such permissions when they are away.

The implication is that failure to terminate privilege accounts of those who are no longer part of your team or those that are no longer in use gives rogue employees who can access admin accounts and sensitive information an opportunity for causing lethal damage to your company's reputation and data as well.


No business is immune to malicious software that infiltrates their network infrastructure for the benefit of those with ill ambitions. It is wrong for small business owners to imagine that they are not under threat of cyber attacks because they too are potential targets on various occasions and for different reasons.

The need to update antivirus software continuously is one of the best practices that small entrepreneurs may overlook, which implies that the risk exposure and potential impact of the same will be more significant.

Lack of Cyber Security Knowledge

Acquiring hands-on skills is a prerequisite for productivity among employees and gaining insight into protection against cyber attacks is essential as well. Some employers prioritize equipping their workforce with the necessary knowledge to help them deliver better results without considering the necessity of advising them on how they can protect themselves online, and that can deal their operations a blow.

Small business operators should also appreciate the fact that the implementation of cybersecurity technologies, strategies, and policies will not be effective if they fail to create awareness beforehand. Staff who lack cybersecurity knowledge will easily fall for spear phishing email requiring their user details or password, and that will create a loophole for hackers to infiltrate your company systems.

DDoS Attacks

Most small business owners will focus on the cost aspect of every undertaking before making particular decisions, and that is part of the reasons why they opt to outsource some of the services they require. The challenge is that the online services that small businesses access from third party service vendors are prone to DDoS attacks that can grind operations to a halt.

When your service vendor suffers a DDoS attack, you will most probably experience an outage that can last an extended period, and that will not only diminish your ability to fulfill various orders, but you may also lose some of your valuable clients. If you need more information on the network security challenges affecting small business owners, contact us today!

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