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What Network Security Risks Could Your Small Business Be Facing?

In 2017, a significant number of organizations were impacted by multiple malware attacks, including the WannaCry ransomware attack. Many large businesses were profiled in the news after the attacks, but there were many small businesses that were also impacted.

small business owner using laptop to analyze network security risks

Every business, from the well-known larger businesses to the smaller businesses that are still trying to work their way up, are vulnerable to network security issues and other security risks. However, the smaller businesses are often more exposed to malevolent attacks. Small businesses generally face a completely different set of network security challenges in comparison to the larger businesses that are equipped with more tools and resources. 

Small Businesses and Security Challenges

For many small businesses, their reality is that their limited resources and limited finances do not leave them enough room to properly address security concerns and threats as they occur. Larger businesses are armed with IT experts and specialists who know how to handle network security, but small businesses are less likely to have the resources and staff that can be fully dedicated to monitoring network security.

The majority of small businesses will have an IT team that is dedicated to installing software and removing viruses. However, many of these employees do not have the training that is needed to address cyber attacks. As a result of not having trained employees to handle these issues, many small businesses will turn to freeware solutions that will only be able to handle limited detection, managing, and prevention.

Some of the most impactful threats that small businesses face daily include the following:

1) Ransomware

Unfortunately, small businesses have become the perfect target for ransomware attacks. Why? Small businesses will usually have the money to pay the requested ransom after the attack, but they may not have enough resources that will be needed to back up their data. Ransomware will generally show up in the form of an email attachment or an unsafe link.

Ransomware can be destructive for small businesses because one ransomware infection could get rid of all important data or the business's entire operations could be halted. The biggest challenge generally has nothing to do with just the ransom alone. Many small businesses will probably admit that the ransom is not their greatest concern. Their greatest concern will usually be the amount of time and energy it will take to getting their entire business operations online again.

A key to alleviating these type of attacks is to consistently make backups to your data. Backing up your data does not have to be costly or complex because you can create a backup schedule on multiple systems. You can also think about making regular backups offline so that they will not be connected to the other areas of your business's network.

2) Phishing Attacks

Many cybercriminals also resort to other means of targeting their victims, including phishing. The potential to be a victim of a phishing attack is another reason why security awareness continues to be important. It will not cost you any money to learn about phishing attacks because there are plenty of resources dedicated to informing everyone about how to spot these attacks and avoid them. Many of these phishing attacks can be successfully prevented by training and educating employees on the methods cyber criminals are using to spread these threats. 

3) Point of Sale Attacks

Small businesses are vulnerable to multiple Point of Sale attacks, including skimming and malware. While Point of Sale attacks may not completely devastate your business operations, it could cause a great deal of damage, and this damage will usually take place in the financial aspect of the business. PoS malwarecan take various pieces of information from small businesses and the stolen information can be sold and used for spiteful purposes. 

Conclusion: Contact IronLogix for Help With Your Cybersecurity

We know it can be a real challenge protecting cybercriminals from threats, but with the right security resources and solutions, this can be accomplished. The cyber solutions you implement do not have to result in you breaking the bank. Your small business can take advantage of the numerous solutions that are available. Despite the limitations that small businesses may face, small businesses can still properly increase their capabilities. 

Are you ready to protect your small business at all times? Contact IronLogix today for more information.


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