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Stay Connected With 3CX Business Phone Systems

A business phone system should be equipped with a variety of features that will allow you to be as effective and productive as possible. Your business phone system should also provide you with the tools you need to provide outstanding service to your customers and clients. 3CX business phone systems are equipped with a variety of elements and features that will allow you to add more time to your day because these phone systems will allow you to use your phone in an efficient master.

If you want to make your business phones actually work for you, we encourage you to become an expert at a few important features. 

Phone Conferencing 

Sometimes other people will need to be involved in a phone conversation. With some business phone systems, you will be able to do conference calls randomly with more than one person. When you use a 3CX phone system, you will press the conference button while you are on the call with one person. The person you are currently on a call with will hear soothing hold music. While that person is on hold, you will need to choose a line that is open and dial the number of the other person you want to add to the phone conversation. Once the next person has answered, you will need to press the conference button once again. All parties are now on the line and you can have an effective phone conference.

Call Transferring

In an office, calls are constantly being transferred until the right person has been reached. Before a phone call is transferred, the caller should always know what is about to happen. Many people are not always ready to be transferred. When someone is not prepared to be transferred, they can become frustrated and this may lead to them hanging up the phone. Before a transfer is made, your employees should always give a name and an extension so the callers can call back if they are disconnected.

When a call transfer is being prepared, the person who is about to receive the transfer should know all the information you know. This will give the other person the ability to assist the customer better because they will be informed of why the caller needs assistance. The customer will appreciate the fact that you listened and took notes about the reason why they need assistance.

Phone Options

When you use 3CX business phone systems, you will be able to change your phone's status according to your current situation. 3CX gives you various choices to use, and once you have settled on a choice, your callers will hear a voicemail according to the status you have selected. These features will allow you to stay connected when you are in the office and out of the office.

When you are going to use 3CX business phone systems, you will have a variety of tools and features to use. When you take the time to learn how to use these features, you will immediately see an increase in your productivity levels and your efficiency levels. If you are able to save a few minutes a day on communications. This will lead to more time to take care of other business tasks that you may usually hold off until the next day. What will you do with an extra few minutes when you are in the office?

Are you interested in using 3CX business phone systems? Would you like to know more about the additional features that 3CX business phone systems have? Contact us today for more information about how you can get the most out of your phone systems.

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