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Switching Your Field Service Teams from Cell Plans to VOIP (Part 2)

Welcome back! In case you weren't aware, this is the second half of our two-part article on what VOIP can do for field service businesses including everyone from pest control to interior decorators. Essentially, if you send out teams of professionals from a headquarters to the homes and businesses of clients, VOIP is a good idea for your business.

Last time we talked about the biggest selling point for VOIP, affordability, along with the several ways that it can reduce your business overhead. We also covered flexibility, as the VOIP software can be installed on both desktop and mobile devices, meaning that your technicians can be accessed through the same business phone system no matter where they are, and even at the same number as their desk. Now that you're caught up, let's continue with VOIP and the size of your team.

VOIP Scales Easily

VOIP was made for business and most services allow you to add an increasing number of employees to your plan, requiring only that you sign up for an additional number and login. You don't have to buy your employees a specific brand of device or worry about the hassle of getting each and every SIM card properly activated.

When a new employee, either recently hired or recently promoted, joins your field services team, you can quickly and easily get them hooked into the VOIP system without the delay of getting them a new phone and adding them to the cell plan. All you need to do is create a new VOIP number for them and show them how to log in from any internet capable device. This allows you to get them on the job right away.

Integrates With Office Software

Almost every field service is coordinated by an office back at headquarters running a specific suite of industry assistive software. The tools that you already use for scheduling, services, and customer management can be integrated directly with VOIP because the new internet voice system is simply another form of software. You save conversations as transcriptions, link them to emails, and make initiating a call quick and easy from any contacts page. This means that if you're good at streamlining your field services management, then you'll enjoy the opportunity to work with another malleable tool backed up by online support.

Making the Switch

The great part of switching your field service teams to VOIP is that, unlike competing cell plans, you don't even have to cancel your current phone service until it's run its course. If you're already paid up for your monthly or yearly subscription, you can try a VOIP service's free trial on the same device to create the perfect test bed to try out VOIP. Simply sign up, get a few numbers for your most capable field agents, and have them install the app. This will allow you to begin performing test runs on how well VOIP will work for you and your company. If you and your field team likes the ease of use, easy scalability, and device versatility, you have every reason to drop that old cell plan and make the switch. 

VOIP is a powerful tool designed with modern business practices in mind. Old telecom industry giants are still hustling to catch up with technology that VOIP is already at the cutting edge of. Whether you're running a small appliance repair shop or a large corporation with thousands of employees, VOIP could be the perfect replacement for traditional field service and office phones. For more information about finding the right VOIP service for your company, contact us today! Our business tech experts will be happy to help.

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