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The Best Network Security Defense is a Comprehensive Backup System

When it comes to defending your business network and protected data, most companies are willing to go all-out on network security packages. From firewalls to invasion detection to file-scrubbing programs, there are dozens of ways to both defend your system and perform recovery procedures should a breach occur. However, no matter how much time and effort you put into defending your network, hackers can put in more. One of the reasons network security is so important is because these digital criminals are constantly inventing new ways to ruin your day using loopholes, oversights, and the occasional human error. 

Even if you close every known security door, hackers with seemingly infinite free time and determination will eventually find a crack in your digital armor. Whether it's an unsecured IoT device, an employee's phone on the company wifi, or some flaw in commonly used business software, you can guarantee that there will eventually be another wave of invasive attacks like the recent WannaCry ransomware epidemic.

How to Defend Against the Unexpected?

You can close your ports, scan all attachments, install watchful software on browsers to prevent exposure to dangerous sites, and monitor your network for unauthorized activity, but how do you plan for an attack if you don't know the form it will take? The answer to complete resilience, the ability to resist any hack, no matter how obscure the method, is simply to plan for recovery in any circumstance. When it comes to recovery nothing beats the comprehensive backup. Whether hackers encrypt your entire file system and try to hold it for ransom or simply change every image in your network to a picture of an alien puppet, backups allow you to either fully replace a compromised system with a complete working clone or pick and choose the files you'd like to repair from a recent state so that as little work time and important data is lost as possible.

When and What to Backup

Even if you've resolved to begin backups or already have a backup system, it's important to know how completely you'll be able to restore from backup. For a complete recovery, the best backup is a clone of the network and every unique computer system which will contain configurations, settings, and software installations allowing you to restore every aspect of a compromised system or machine in minutes rather than rebuilding the infrastructure. However, this kind of system-wide backup only needs to be taken when changes are made to the infrastructure. More frequent backups should include important files and data that are updated on a regular basis like client, financial, sales, and marketing data which changes constantly and would be disastrous to lose either through malicious hacking or even simply by accident.

The beauty of backups that they are cause-agnostic. When you can restore a computer or system completely from a comprehensive backup, it doesn't matter how your data was lost or damaged. From hacking to power shortages to employee error, backups allow you to recover quickly without the hassle of trying to restore corrupted files, rebuild infrastructure, or reconstruct deleted data.

Here at IronLogix, we are ready to help your company with every form of network security, whether you're facing hacker attacks or simply want to ensure that nothing can bring your network down for more than half an hour. We value your network security as highly as you do and offer a full suite of defensive and recovery services. With a combination of firewalls, intrusion detection, antivirus solutions, backups, and disaster recovery, your company network will be both incredibly secure and easily recovered no matter what happens. For more information about our network security services, please contact us today!

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