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Using a 3CX VoIP Phone System: Bringing Unified Communications to Your Business

Those of you looking to create unified communications within your company may think this means overly expensive equipment, installation, and learning curves. In truth, it doesn't have to mean any of those things. If you're still new to learning about how VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology works, you need to know how much it's streamlined modern telecommunications.

It's certainly not new, though many businesses have had to grow into learning about VoIP's benefits. What it does is remove the burden of landline phones, including wires and cords. You can finally give freedom to you and your employees on connecting remotely without limitations.

Through our 3CX VoIP system at IronLogix, we can show you how this changes your business for the coming decade.

Reduced Cost

It's amazing how many people don't realize how affordable VoIP is. It's one of the least expensive digital technologies out there simply because you don't need extensive equipment or installation.

Since you only have to use your existing high-speed internet line to use VoIP service, you're already reducing cost immeasurably. You only pay a regular monthly rate for the VoIP service itself, eliminating major investments that require ongoing maintenance costs.

Being Able to Work From Anywhere

Extensions are one of the most useful aspects of VoIP's basic features. While VoIP is already wireless (while also working in conjunction with your deskphone or smartphone), extensions can go with a smartphone app.

With extensions, your employees can work at home or in the field and still take or make calls. Our 3CX system allows phone extensions to work from anywhere. In other words, when you and your entire staff have to travel extensively, you can still stay in contact on any project.

More so, extensions allow your employees to still take calls from customers and associates so no call goes missed.


When you need to connect with staff or make a customer call immediately, click-to-call has become one of the greatest VoIP features. Through our 3CX system, you can use it with extensions mentioned above.

All it takes is making one click to make or take a call in real-time, saving considerable time when you need to link up and communicate fast.

Receiving Voice Mail by Email

Your employees can't always answer a call immediately. In times like this, leaving a voice mail might sound problematic. Fortunately, VoIP doesn't force them to have to call in or visit your office to play voice mail messages.

VoIP offers a "voice mail by email" feature that lets you listen or text-read all messages from customers or colleagues.

Many of you may have to travel extensively for business. This helps solve the problem in communicating when live phone calls aren't an option.

Live Conferencing

One of the truly great features of VoIP is the ability to conference in more than one way. These options include not only phone conferencing but also video.

Using a VoIP provider that allows specific tech integration, you can set up digital meetings with more than just two people. You can go as high as allowing 100 people to conference at enterprise levels.

Thanks to these incredible advancements in VoIP technology, you don't even have to set up physical meetings anymore. Your entire staff can reside in multiple locations and still convey business ideas.

Integrating With Other Tech Sources

Vetting your VoIP provider is important, especially in how much they let you integrate with other technologies. It's essential they let you integrate with CRM platforms like Office365, SalesForce, or Zendesk.

Allowing compatibility with these lets you expand your unified communications even further to a point where you can compete at a corporate level.

Contact us at IronLogix to find out how our 3CX VoIP system can provide the features mentioned above, plus so much more. We use only top-level vendor partners to assure your hardware stays optimal.

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