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VOIP For Any Multi-Location Business

The technology needed to run multiple locations of the same central business has always been unreasonably complex. Each location winds up with its own local network, it's own stock and supply, and it's own phone system. And let's face it, business phone plans are pricey. Not only do you need installation and re-installation to add lines for new employees, you also have to buy a separate phone system and plan for every location you want to set up. However, wrangling those old-fashioned phone systems are quickly becoming obsolete as a new kind of electronic voice communication takes center stage. Phone lines were an integral part of our society for a long time, but why have two connections to the outside world when your internet is faster, cheaper, and can serve better as a phone system for multi-location businesses than any TelCo infrastructure.

VOIP for Multi-Location Businesses

The 'new normal' for business phones across the globe is a little something known as VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, or internet phone in other words. Rather than relying on a separate phone line and all the hassle that comes from running these lines to every phone in the building, you can connect to a VOIP phone system from any device with internet access. All your employees will need to do is log in to start sending and receiving calls over the web.

Many Locations, One Phone Plan

One of the great things about VOIP is the fact that it's not a specific wired system. You don't have to deal with a company control box, troublesome cable connections, or even a location-specific plan. Simply register your company and the number of lines you need, then distribute logins to employees. VOIP doesn't care which location a staff member is located because access is based on secure online logins, not a 'landline'.

Same Number in Any Office

Traditional phones are incredibly limited when it comes to location and versatility. Your office phone, for instance, sits only in your office and you can't accept business calls unless already at your desk. Even your cell phone has a SIM card in it so that only one phone at a time can 'be' your phone and have your number. With VOIP, on the other hand, you can access your own work number on any device you log in from. This means that you or your managers can move from site to site checking up on employees and offering insight and no matter which office you're in today, your business calls will always reach the desk you're sitting at. No need for complex call forwarding or to miss calls when you're away from your primary office.

Remote or On-Site

Another great aspect of VOIP is that you can log into your same singular business number from mobile devices as well as your desktop computer or cutting edge VOIP phones. This means that your employees that work out in the field or remotely from home or travel can stay in contact with their company phone number even when they're on on-the-go. Clients will always be able to reach them without needing a 'personal' number and you can more easily stay in contact without a Rolodex of employee cell phone numbers.

Scale to New Locations

Finally, because VOIP requires no special installations or location requirements other than a strong internet connection, the cost of growing to a new location is laughably minimal compared to installing a whole new set of TelCo phone lines. Simply add a few more numbers to your business account and distribute to new employees as needed. Scaling is easy with VOIP and you can quickly add departments, teams, locations, and even temporary employees whose numbers will be turned back in after their services are complete.

If you're still paying for multiple phone line systems from an old-fashioned phone company, there's no time like the present to switch to VOIP. Your wallet, managers, and staff will thank you later, rest assured. For more helpful information about VOIP implementation, please contact us today!

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