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VoIP Phone Systems and Hurricane Season

Destructive and inclement weather will always bring a wide range of critical problems, from flooding to loss of power. This hurricane season, like the many other hurricane seasons, has reminded us how important it is to take the proper precautions not only for our personal safety but for the safety of the businesses you have worked so hard to establish.

One of the main problems that many businesses continue to face before, during, and after a hurricane is communication. Since small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large businesses will always have a need to maintain their business progression regardless of what the weather conditions may be. Businesses have to remain in contact with clients, customers, employees, and business partners 

Leaving Legacy Phone Systems Behind

Those who continue to use the legacy phone systems will likely find themselves in a difficult situation because they will likely be among the most vulnerable when a hurricane strikes. When there is damage to a business's telephone wire infrastructure, there is always a potential to negatively impact an entire city or an entire state. When this type of damage occurs, owners of small businesses and larger businesses will have to wait for days or weeks until the problem is repaired. This becomes very significant when a hurricane makes its way inland, as we experienced with Hurricane Florence in September. 

When a city and state have been given the orders to evacuate their residence or business because a hurricane is likely to impact your area, you would not be able to make phone calls on your traditional phone systems because the phones can only be used in the location that you have to evacuate from. On the other hand, if you were to use a VoIP phone system like 3CX, you would be able to communicate with your clients, partners, and customers from your current location.

Walking Towards VoIP Phone Systems

Since a VoIP phone system will depend on an internet connection to transmit voice data to multiple locations, small businesses and large businesses have found great benefits in using VoIP phone systems. We have found ourselves living in a world that is surrounded by technology that continues to advance.

As a result of the advancements in technology, VoIP phone systems continue to be at the top of the list of voice systems. Not only are VoIP phone systems reliable, but they also have the portability and flexibility you will need. VoIP phone systems are also equipped with multiple components and features that you cannot get with your current traditional phone system. When you have the right VoIP plan, your new phone service will be stored in the cloud. 

Always Remain Safe

3CX and other VoIP phone systems will allow you to read your voicemail messages as they are sent through the email. When your voicemail messages are sent in the form of an email, this will give you the opportunity to establish conference calls with a variety of participants. You will not have to worry about not receiving any important messages, regardless of what the conditions may be outside. 

As important as your business is to you, we encourage you to be fully aware of other things that are also important. We know you will want to remain connected to your clients and customers, but your safety should not be put in jeopardy. Before you hit the reset button and get back to business, your needs should always be taken care of, especially after experiencing a destructive and life-changing event. 

Get More Information About VoIP Phone Systems from IronLogix

We all know how soon destructive weather can occur. As you continue to pick up the pieces, we encourage you to think about ways that you can continue to keep your business safe. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on VoIP phone systems and our other services. 

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