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What VOIP Can Do For Your Small Business

Business phones don't have to be expensive. It may go against tradition and everything you were taught to believe about running a business, but it's true. Dealing with the traditional telco companies, they would have you believe that your business requires a bunch of wiring installation, boxes with a limited number of ports, and an expensive deal with so that your phones work at all. However, times are changing and the telco companies are dragging behind. Modern web technology has resulted in a new kind of business phone system, one that runs off the high-speed internet you already have installed, scales infinitely, and doesn't break the bank. Today we're here to tell you how VOIP can help your small business have an incredibly functional communications suite with a surprisingly reasonable budget.

What is VOIP?

In case you haven't heard about this new trend in online phones, VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is exactly what it sounds like: Phones over the internet. We all have internet now. On our home computers, at work, even data plans on cell phones and tablets. In fact, anywhere you can get a cell phone signal you can also get wireless data with the right device so why even worry about the old outdated phone system? With VOIP you can use any internet connection to make and receive real phone calls. While this alternate communication is cool all by itself, let's go into why you want it for your business.

Same Number From Anywhere

Have you ever missed an important phone call because you were out to lunch? With traditional office phones, you have one number per end-device meaning that you can only be called at your work number when you're actually at your desk. With VOIP, you can log into your number then start sending and receiving calls from any device with internet access. This means that you can answer work calls from your cell phone or even your home computer. If an employee who works in the field drops their phone into a thousand unrecoverable pieces, they can stay in contact on a borrowed device. No matter what office, location, or device you're using, with VOIP you are always available at the work number your clients have on file.

Scales for Any Team Size

When it comes to your business phone system, the size of your team has always mattered a great deal. Calculating the number of black box ports and cell phone plans is an enormous hassle and bringing on new team members requires a completely new configuration, possibly with more equipment installed to support it. However, with VOIP, all you need is a new employee account and registered phone number added to your existing service. No installation, no new plans, no hassle, and the cost is laughable in comparison. This gives you the freedom to grow freely as a company, add new team members, and even build whole new departments without jumping through phone company hoops to get them all a working business number.

Bonus: Easy Web Conferencing

Since the dawn of business phone systems, conference calls have been a pain in the rear but VOIP is revolutionizing this as well. With internet-based phones, conference calling is not just fast and easy, it can come with more features than any telephone could hope to offer. The ability to hold high-quality video conferences is a special bonus that you only get with VOIP. Available to both computer and mobile device users, you can handle complex group calls with ease, keeping your distant staff members in the loop as if they were there in the room with you.

VOIP has an amazing amount to offer to the modern business world. From easy scaling to video web conferencing, VOIP not only out-performs traditional business phone systems, it's also less expensive. Who can argue with a deal like that? For more information on how VOIP can help your small business, contact us today!

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