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Will You Let Network Security Problems Take Down Your Small Business?

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

You may have a small business, but this does not mean you are invisible. A small business is the most vulnerable when it comes to viruses, threats, and attacks because many hackers view small businesses as easy targets. According to research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance, over 70 percent of cyber attacks are against small businesses. One of the most alarming statistics is that over 60 percent of the small businesses that have gone through a data breach will never recover. Those businesses were out of business less than a year after the data breach occurred.

One of the main reasons small businesses have become such attractive targets is because they do not always have the proper protection when it comes to network security. Can you believe that there are still small businesses that do not have an internet security protection at all? There are small businesses that do have antivirus software, but the software is not a business-level software.

Small businesses are beginning to encourage their employees to bring their own devices to the workplace, but not every small business takes the proper measures to secure the company data on these devices. Although it has been proven that many data breaches occur through human mistakes and errors, not all small businesses ensure their employees are being trained on how to secure and manage data. 

Although your business may be small, the information that hackers can obtain from you will be valuable pieces of data. Hackers can try to access information that belongs to your employees, including their banking information and other personal information. Hackers will also find value in information that belongs to your customers. Sometimes a small business is a target because it will help the hackers obtain information from a larger business it does business with.

When it comes to network security, there are too many small businesses that still have the mindset of being a small business. As a result, there are major problems that will continue to pester small businesses.

Problem 1: Security

While you may have automated data backups at an off-site center, this is not going to be all you need to ensure data security. There will still be a security risk because of the human element that will be involved. Your small business should make sure it takes the proper measures to ensure the right hiring procedures are followed. Your small business may also need to provide training for employees, especially when it comes to using passwords, downloading files and attachments, and the proper protocols to follow when devices are lost or stolen.

Problem 2: Equipment Has Not Been Upgraded

We know that operating your small business gives you a high level of confidence and excitement, but there is nothing exciting about running a business that has old equipment. We also know that you are probably not excited at the thought of updating all your equipment and hardware. However, there should be excitement in updating the hardware, especially if it can reduce your chances of being the victim of a data and security breach. Now is a good time to assess your current hardware at least one time out of the year because this will give you a better idea of the updates you need to make. 

Problem 3: There Is No Information Technology In Place

As a small business, you are aware of the challenges that are ahead of you. You are responsible for so many things that it can be easy for something to be left behind. One of the responsibilities that may not get the amount of love it needs is your IT responsibility. Your small business needs a solid IT strategy in order to ensure a strong small business. When you are assessing your equipment and hardware, you should also assess your IT infrastructure. 

The cost of data breaches and other security threats is very high, and your small business should take proactive measures to protect everything you have worked hard to achieve. Are you ready to take time to develop a proper network security strategy? 

Contact us today for more information on how you can avoid network security threats.

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