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recovery and Prevention

We help customers recover from ransomware attack and help protect your environment against ongoing threats.

A successful ransomware attack can seriously derail your organization and leave you and your staff helpless to conduct work related activity for days, weeks, or even longer.  Your recovery options may be limited based on your particular setup and the extent of the attack.   Every minute counts, but know you are not alone - expert help from IronLogix can make a huge difference in recovery time and expense. 

Prevent Ransomware with Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Obviously, the best way to avoid ransomware is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.  From strategies involving network segmentation, to diverse backups, staff training, and adaptive security software and SOC teams that actively hunt threats, we have you covered with proven solutions that simply work.


When it comes to cyber insurance for your organization, the consequences for mistakenly reporting you have something when you actually do not can mean the difference between being covered for an incident or finding out the hard way that you are on your own.   Managed cybersecurity services can help you face these obligations head-on, allowing you to not only ensure but also prove that your systems can withstand any type of cyber attack or disaster..


The IronLogix Difference

IronLogix provides managed cybersecurity services that help ensure your IT environment is resilient, secure, and compliant with today's ever-evolving standards.  


The solutions and support systems we deploy are tailored to your organization's unique objectives using the objective lens from your specific industry and insurance requirements.  The end result is the peace of mind you receive knowing that you can confidently say your systems are secure as possible.  Should an attack or disaster occur, our team will already be on it so that you can recover or thwart any incident quickly and know exactly what to do and expect. 

Cybersecurity Solutions Offered by IronLogix

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