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Our Breach Prevention Platform delivers Security Awareness Training, Dark Web Monitoring, Assessments, and Testing to dramatically reduce the risk of a security incident and keeps you compliant with industry requirements.

Cybersecurity from IronLogix
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The Human Factor: Your Source of Strength and your Greatest Weakness.

Cybercriminals know that humans are the weak link in the security chain. It’s easier to trick users into giving them access to systems and data than to try to break through an organization’s defenses. That’s why social engineering is the most prevalent form of cyberattack. All it takes is one misstep for your organization to suffer a devastating security incident.

Creating a Culture of Awareness

The need for an ongoing cybersecurity awareness and training program has never been more important.  Not only are these programs now required by regulatory bodies and insurance carriers, but the threats themselves are constantly evolving to exploit new vulnerabilities and bypass traditional security measures. As a result, static approaches to cybersecurity fall short in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape. Organizations must create a dynamic culture of cybersecurity awareness by consistently educating and testing your workforce about emerging threats, new attack vectors, and best practices. 

Our Breach Prevention Program was designed to specifically address these issues with a focus centered on staff engagement.

Breach Prevention Program Key Elements


Don’t Wait for Your Organization to Become a Statistic

The “human element” plays a role in more than 82 percent of security incidents. IronLogix addresses these risks with our Breach Protection Platform.  Use the contact form from the button below to request more information or give us a call to get started.


I feel like we’re ahead of the game and in a much better position than some of our competitors. Nobody is 100 percent safe, but we feel pretty secure.

- Thomas Trezise

Cybersecurity Solutions Offered by IronLogix

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