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Success Stories

Want specifics?  Take a deep dive on how we help our clients achieve operational excellence.

The Hobbs Group

Today’s accounting firms rely heavily on technology to serve their clients efficiently. That doesn’t mean they need to have IT professionals on staff. For Hobbs Group, it makes more sense to outsource IT functions to IronLogix.


Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., Hobbs Group is a full-service public accounting firm that provides tax, audit, advisory and other services. When Shareholder Christina Kelly joined the firm 25 years ago, Hobbs Group had 10 people on staff. Today, the firm has 40 employees.

“When I started here, it was really small and we operated a lot differently,” Kelly said. “We did things in-house. We didn’t have an IT specialist on staff — our office manager handled IT issues. Every once in a while, we would have to hire an outside party to do something, but we didn’t have a contracted service.

“Fast forward to now. Not only has the world evolved but having 40 people versus 10 is a whole different ballgame. We don’t have a staff member with the knowledge to serve as our IT person. So we outsource to IronLogix, and they provide an all-encompassing solution. The IronLogix team has supported us for many years, and have always been there to meet our changing requirements.”

Ironlogix Bridge
"IronLogix walked us through the pros and cons of each option and let us make an educated decision."
Covering All Technology Needs

Hobbs Group relies on IronLogix for the procurement, installation and management of its IT equipment and software. IronLogix even handles the firm’s phone system. When problems arise, Hobbs Group staff call IronLogix for responsive support.

“We don’t need someone in our office full-time. There are weeks when everything goes wrong, but there are also plenty of weeks when we couldn’t keep an IT person busy,” Kelly said. “IronLogix is our on-staff IT person, and they understand our business. For example, we run a large number of applications, and sometimes one application will break another one because they aren’t compatible. IronLogix gets on the phone with our software vendors if needed to resolve these issues.”

IronLogix also helps Hobbs Group maximize the value of its IT investments. When it came time to upgrade the firm’s on-premises server, IronLogix presented the option of migrating to the cloud versus performing the upgrade. Hobbs Group compared the two alternatives and decided to go to the cloud.


“IronLogix walked us through the pros and cons of each option and let us make an educated decision,” Kelly said. “The last time we replaced our server, it made more sense for us to stick with in-house equipment. This time it made more sense to go to the cloud. The bigger we get, the more resources we need. If we bought a server, it might not make it five years. With the cloud, you can add those resources without have to get a whole new system.”

Remote Access, Security and More

In addition to conserving capital, the move to the cloud has given Hobbs Group remote access to all its applications and data. This was especially beneficial to the audit department, which uses software that’s not available in a cloud version.

“It makes things a lot easier for them because they can still function as if they’re sitting at their desk when they’re at a client’s office,” said Kelly. “They don’t have to worry about how they’re transferring files to each other. They’re using the same software they’re used to — it’s just hosted somewhere.”


Security is, of course, a huge consideration for Hobbs Group. The firm holds highly personal information on its clients, including birth dates, Social Security numbers and more. IronLogix helps ensure that data can’t fall into the wrong hands.

“They have our machines encrypted,” Kelly said. “If someone were to steal a computer, they wouldn’t be able to access any confidential information.”

IronLogix takes a full-service approach that allows Hobbs Group to focus on its business and serving its clients. By partnering with IronLogix, the firm is able to save time, money and headaches.

“They’ve been wonderful for us,” Kelly said. “Their staff is very knowledgeable, and they work as a team, too. They are available 24 hours a day to take our calls and resolve problems. It’s a great fit for a busy accounting firm.”

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