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How to Choose the Right MSP to Implement and Manage Your UC Platform

Unified communications (UC) technologies have been around for well over 20 years, but the market continues to grow at a rapid pace. More organizations are adopting UC to better support mobile devices and remote and hybrid work models. UC also enables a seamless communication experience regardless of location. As a result, DataHorizzon Research expects the global UC market to see a compound annual growth rate of almost 18 percent through 2032.

Most UC solutions offer the functionality to meet these objectives, as well as a range of other features that can streamline operations. However, selecting and implementing a UC platform can be challenging for most small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). Organizations must carefully assess their needs, evaluate their existing IT environment and configure the UC solution to create a cohesive solution.

Partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) can relieve some of the pressure. Qualified MSPs such as IronLogix have proven expertise in the evaluation, implementation, security and management of UC solutions. Here are four factors to consider when choosing an MSP as your UC partner.


Look for an MSP with specific experience in UC solutions. Most providers are capable of installing and configuring a wide range of technologies, but not all understand the ins and outs of communication and collaboration applications. An inexperienced provider will likely take longer to complete the project, and may not deliver the optimal solution.

MSPs that list UC as a specialty should have a track record of successful engagements that demonstrate their skills. Ideally, the provider will have experience working with organizations in your industry or field. The right MSP will also have the ability to integrate the UC platform with the systems and applications in your IT environment.

Customization and Support

While most organizations have similar communication and collaboration needs, a customized solution will be more finely tuned to the specifics of your operation. You should also be able to add or remove features as needed, and scale the solution up or down based upon changing conditions or requirements.

Reliability is another important consideration. Communication is the lifeblood of most organizations, and downtime can be devastating. Your MSP should monitor your UC solution and respond promptly to service disruptions and support requests. Ideally, the MSP will serve as your advocate with telecom companies and other third-party service providers.


UC platforms must be secured like any other application or service on the network. The MSP should have demonstrated proficiency with key security controls, including data encryption, firewalls, virtual private networks, and identity and access management. Mobile device security is also critically important. The MSP should take steps to secure all the devices connecting to the UC platform and other network resources.

Consultative Approach

The right MSP will show a genuine interest in your organization, and how the UC platform can help you achieve your short- and long-term objectives. The provider should discuss your needs and desired outcomes and consider how communication and collaboration tools can help eliminate operational bottlenecks.

Of course, the technical aspects of the implementation are also important. The MSP should thoroughly assess your IT environment and determine if your network can handle real-time voice and video applications.

How IronLogix Can Help

IronLogix has years of experience delivering UC solutions for a wide range of organizations. Our engineers have the depth of expertise to design a solution that addresses your specific requirements. They can also configure and implement the solution while minimizing disruption, and provide expert maintenance and support. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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IronLogix Team

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