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What to Look for in a Unified Communications-as-a-Service Solution

Small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) have traditionally faced limited options when it comes to technology purchases. Their budgets and the scope of their requirements don’t warrant “enterprise” solutions, but “small business” options often lack needed features. The cloud is changing that paradigm.

Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is a case in point. UCaaS incorporates enterprise-class voice, messaging and conferencing tools within one interface. These services are hosted in the cloud, making them easier to purchase and deploy than on-premises solutions. UCaaS also streamlines management while delivering a high-quality user experience.

Cloud-based systems eliminate many of the drawbacks of legacy phone systems. The traditional desk phone connected to a PBX does not meet the needs of today’s remote and mobile workers. They need full access to the phone system from any Internet-connected device. With UCaaS, employees can be reached anytime, anywhere, and have a full range of communication and collaboration tools at their fingertips.

Because of these benefits, the UCaaS market continues to grow rapidly. Fortune Business Insights predicts that UCaaS will see 15.1 percent annual growth through 2030. Much of that growth is driven by the SME segment.

Your organization’s communications platform is a mission-critical system that should be selected carefully and implemented professionally. The system must provide the features your users expect and the reliability and security your business demands. The vetting process is particularly critical if you’re moving from a legacy platform to a cloud-based solution.

Here are some factors you should consider in making the transition:

  1. Features. UCaaS solutions often offer a long list of features covering most of the basic calling functions you’d expect from a business-class PBX. They can also include features such as auto-attendant and contact center capabilities. Because you can tailor the system to fit your specific needs, take the time to investigate which features would most benefit your organization.
  2. Simplicity. An easy-to-use system will see faster adoption by users and thus a faster time-to-value. Mobile workers will appreciate a system that gives them one business number for all their devices. Users should also be able to access all voice, conferencing, collaboration and directory features from their desk phone, softphone or mobile device.
  3. Reliability. The UCaaS solution should be built on carrier-grade technology that is highly available and fault tolerant. The provider’s infrastructure should have geographic redundancy to minimize the impact of power failures, hardware failures and natural disasters. Ask about the provider’s uptime guarantee.
  4. Connectivity. Managing and maintaining on-premises media gateways and session border controllers (SBCs) can add unwanted complexity to a cloud-based solution. Look for a provider that offers SBC and SIP trunking services straight from the cloud, with centralized management and dial plan consolidation. Organizations with long-term contracts with a local carrier will also want the flexibility to connect with their existing infrastructure.
  5. Security. Security is always a concern when moving to the cloud. An enterprise-class UCaaS solution should provide robust network protection and encryption of media streams. The UC platform should be hosted in a top-tier data center with hardened physical security and redundant power and cooling.
  6. Deployment and support. UCaaS solutions can be challenging to design and implement. It’s important to partner with a technology provider with expertise in UCaaS deployment and the ability to complete the implementation with minimal business disruption. Make sure the vendor can customize the solution to your requirements, and provide training and ongoing support.

The right UCaaS solution can deliver a rapid ROI, while the wrong platform can be a costly headache. Let IronLogix guide you through the selection process, and help you architect and deploy a UCaaS system that delivers the reliability, security and capabilities you need.

IronLogix Team

IronLogix Team

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