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Why You Need a Purpose-Built Backup Solution for Microsoft 365 Data

Microsoft 365 provides all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange and productivity apps without the need to manage onsite IT infrastructure. That doesn’t mean Microsoft backs up your data, however.

It’s true that Microsoft is responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure behind M365, and meeting service level agreements (SLAs) for uptime. Microsoft replicates M365 data across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers to protect against disaster.

However, access to and control of data stored in the cloud remains the customer’s responsibility. Users can delete things in the cloud as easily as in an on-premises environment. Whether the deletion is accidental, the work of malicious insiders, or the result of hacking or malware, Microsoft is not responsible for restoring the data.

M365 does offer tools that reduce this risk. For example, if a file is accidentally deleted, it can be restored easily. By default, deleted files are retained in the recycle bin for a month, and you can configure M365 to retain these files indefinitely.

If you want to recover emails you’ve already deleted from your inbox and Deleted Items folder, your M365 administrator can find it in the Recoverable Items folder for up to 14 days. After that, the email is permanently deleted. The takeaway is that Office 365 has helpful tools to protect against “oops” moments, but it can leave gaps in terms of data protection, data retention and regulatory compliance.

IronLogix has added a new tool to its lineup that protects M365, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and other Microsoft applications and storage repositories. Dropsuite’s purpose-built M365 solution closes the data protection gap by allowing you to securely back up M365 data to the cloud. Here’s a look at some of Dropsuite’s key features.

Exchange Online. Many users store mission-critical files and data in email. Dropsuite backs up Exchange Online several times a day, eliminating the hassle of keeping email data secure and protected. Dropsuite only backs up modified files to maximize speed, and provides unlimited storage so you don’t have to worry about running out of space. You can view individual emails and use Dropsuite to migrate individual users or mailboxes.

OneDrive. OneDrive provides convenient cloud-based storage that’s included with the M365 subscription. Dropsuite automatically backs up OneDrive files, folders and drives so they can be instantly restored if needed.

SharePoint. Many organizations use SharePoint Online to create an intranet and provide centralized access to important documents and data. Dropsuite includes intelligent tools for backing up all files, folders, documents and user permissions. Granular restore features allow you to recover files, folders, libraries or an entire site.

Calendars, Contacts and Tasks. These datasets contain critical information but they’re often overlooked when it comes to data protection. Dropsuite backs up and secures Calendars, Contacts and Tasks to help meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Teams. Teams is an increasingly popular collaboration tool that integrates seamlessly with other M365 applications. That means more and more data — private chats, meetings and shared files — is stored in Teams. Because Teams data is stored across various applications, backup can be difficult. Dropsuite backs it up seamlessly so that business-critical data is protected.

Groups. M365 Groups manage membership in Teams to enable collaboration and information sharing. Dropsuite backs up Groups data and provides one-click restore for rapid recovery.

Microsoft 365 offers valuable tools for restoring accidentally deleted files, but they don’t provide adequate protection to meet your business and compliance requirements. Let us show you how Dropsuite’s M365 solution helps you back up, protect and secure your business-critical data in the Microsoft cloud.

IronLogix Team

IronLogix Team

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